Redefining Companion Services: A Village-on-Demand

Villi is a 24/7 platform and movement connecting you or a loved one with helping hands, attentive listeners, safe and punctual drivers and kind-hearted Companions in the local community. Our easy-to-use platform provides light housekeeping, meal preparation, pet care, good company and more. We help out with the little things so people can focus on enjoying life’s bigger moments.

Getting Started

Lifelong Connections

Villi allows you or a loved one to schedule Companion support when and where it’s needed – making lifelong connections along the way.

Empowering Independence

We offer compassionate support, providing a little extra help for people to live confidently and independently.

Peace of Mind

Wherever and whenever you need us, we’re here to help you easily navigate life at home or around town.

Connecting Families to Trusted Companions in Your Community

How the Villi Experience is Different

maxim-at-homeis now

We’re excited to unveil our new name and identity: Villi. Where a little help from your village-on-demand awaits.