When people think of companion services, they usually think of seniors, older adults, or those with severe disabilities. This definitely isn’t the case, as Villi Companions can serve an array of different people for different reasons. Whether you’re recovering from a surgery or simply seeking a sense of community, companion services can alleviate major stressors and benefit your lifestyle. Here are some of the other reasons people may choose Villi.


Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities

According to the National Health Council, chronic diseases affect approximately 133 million Americans, representing more than 40% of the total population of this country. Individuals living with chronic illnesses and disabilities know how challenging it can be ton navigate everyday tasks while prioritizing their health. Receiving an extra hand can assist these clients and their families to focus on their health and well-being.


Mental Health

It’s estimated that 5% of adults live with depression, and an estimated 19.1% of U.S. adults had an anxiety disorder – just the past year. Struggling with your mental health can take an incredible toll on your life. Whether you lack the energy to get things done or just need someone to talk to, companion services could be highly beneficial to your overall mental health.


Clients with Autism and their Families

Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) know how difficult it can be to juggle responsibilities. Whether you just need a little help around the house with everyday tasks or someone to accompany you and the family to doctor’s appointments and other errands, companion services can assist.


Recovering from Surgery or Health Condition

Injuries and other temporary health conditions can make it challenging to get around or function at full capacity. During these times, it can be helpful to receive extra assistance while you recover.

Whether you have a disability, are recovering from a temporary health condition, or simply not feeling the best mentally, companion services can add extra emotional support while assisting with everyday tasks so you can focus on yourself.

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