Keeping up with daily tasks and appointments can be challenging for many people. From running errands to staying engaged with the community, there is a lot to juggle. Social isolation, transportation issues, and energy levels can make these tasks seem overwhelming at times.

A recent study found that 18 million adults struggled with daily activities last month. However, having a Companion can ease the burden of managing their schedule. Our Companions can assist in various ways, such as providing transportation and support for special events.


Here are some ways they can make errands and appointments easier:


Grocery Shopping: Having someone by their side while shopping can make the process more enjoyable. They can help with tasks like pushing the cart and carrying groceries, making the experience less stressful.


Appointments & Prescriptions: A Companion can provide a safe and reliable ride to medical appointments or pharmacy visits, reducing the stress of getting around.


Pet Store Supplies: Companions can help buy supplies at the pet store by providing transportation and assistance navigating the store.


Hobby Supplies: They can assist with purchasing supplies for hobbies, whether it’s taking them to a store or helping with online orders.


Recreational Activities: With a Companion, individuals can engage in activities and meet new people with confidence and support.


Visiting Loved Ones: Companions can help them stay connected with family and friends by arranging social visits or setting up video calls.


Volunteering: They can assist in finding volunteer opportunities and providing support during volunteer experiences.


Movie or Play Outings: Companions can plan and provide transportation for a trip to the movies or a play, making it a fun and enjoyable experience.


For those who could use a little extra support, a Companion can provide transportation assistance to help make daily errands and tasks easier and more manageable.


The Villi team is here to help

Do you need help with a loved one?  Then consider Villi’s homemaker and companionship services. Our team of friendly, compassionate Companions takes great pride in serving people in their own community who need light assistance with daily chores, some company and conversation, or convenient transportation for errands, appointments, or trips to the store.


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