According to the National Council on Aging, there are over 11 million adults aged 60 and older who have served in the military, representing a significant portion of the older population. These individuals have bravely served in various wars and conflicts around the world.

Research has shown that a considerable number of veterans have experienced feelings of loneliness or isolation after leaving the military. Factors such as the loss of camaraderie with fellow veterans, physical or mental health issues, and difficulty relating to civilian friends can contribute to these feelings.

Supportive relationships have been proven to have a positive impact on both physical and mental health. Company and conversation, like with a Companion, can greatly enhance the quality of life for veterans who may be feeling isolated.

Companions can enhance the everyday life of veterans by:

  • Encouraging storytelling: Many veterans enjoy reminiscing about their youth and sharing their stories. Companions can ask them about their experiences and allow them to share their memories with others.
  • Encouraging them to give back: While veterans have already given so much, it is important for them to continue to give to others. Companions can go with them to volunteer at a place where they can make a difference, boosting their confidence and sense of purpose.
  • Helping them find community: Military life provided a built-in community, and many veterans may miss that camaraderie once they leave service. Companions can assist in finding a group where they can connect with others and share similar experiences.
  • Maintaining a routine: Numerous veterans are accustomed to structured routines and benefit from schedules. Companions can help create a regular routine each day and inform them of the schedule.

As a nation, there are many ways we can come together to show our appreciation and gratitude for the contribution of aging vets. Simple acts of kindness such as checking in with veteran neighbors or family members, offering to do their shopping or mow the lawn, can make a big impact. By showing kindness and offering support to veterans, we can make a significant difference in their lives.

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