What Villi looks for in a companion


Villi Companions are warm, helpful people who provide assistance to those everyday tasks many people take for granted. They are respectful, patient, good listeners, have caring hearts and manage their time well.

Embark on a rewarding profession


Helping to improve someone’s life and being the reason they laugh or smile is a great way to earn extra income. But a Villi companion is not just an interactive partner, the service is about helping someone understand their happiness matters.

Share interests with your clients


Once hired, you will complete a profile in the Villi app. Your profile highlights your availability, interests, hobbies, and values. The APP will match you with clients that have these in common, allowing you to connect via your shared commonalities.

Some of the activities you will support

Part of your day-to-day activities you’ll participate in as a Villi companion may include:


  • Socialization and engaging in attentive conversation
  • Working side-by-side in shared hobbies
  • Put together a puzzle or play board/card games
  • Assistance with reading and writing
  • Accompanied walks, exercise, and movement to support mobility
  • Everyday tasks, such as light housekeeping, laundry, dishes, and meal prep
  • Trips around town from grocery shopping to daily errands
  • Helping with household pet care, such as feeding and hydration, potty breaks, walks, and play
  • You may choose to exclude this service from your profile
  • No hands-on care is provided

Perks of working with Villi

Villi takes pride in providing a safe and beneficial work environment for our team members, which includes:


  • Ability to choose the days you work
  • Control over the services you provide
  • Working hours that align with your lifestyle
  • A competitive wage
  • Weekly pay
  • Higher pay rates for evening and weekend work
  • Time and a half rates for holidays
  • A team of seasoned advisors available to help you
  • Ability to manage your work days and hours through our mobile APP
  • Providing a service you’re passionate about
  • Knowing at the end of the day you improved someone’s life


Applying for a companion role with Villi takes just a few minutes. Start by filling out our online application, then answer a few equal opportunity questions and a member of the Advisor team will contact you within 24 business hours.

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Are you able to provide transportation by driving a client's vehicle?
Are you able to provide client transportation by using your vehicle? - (mileage reimbursement is included)

Providing client transportation is not a requirement to be hired. However, if you cannot provide client transportation, you will not be matched with clients who include personal transport as part of their service request.

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